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Music. Athletics. Arts.

We are committed to creating meaningful effective Music, Athletics & Arts projects that are designed to showcase and promote our clients

“Intl Starz thrives on marketing and promoting great music and grandstand businesses to the masses. We have in place, optimal A+ tools to market and promote our clients. We pride ourselves as the premier music and entertainment hub for musicians, visual artists, athletes and businesses. ” — Rose Green, CEO of Intl Starz

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At A Glance

Intl Starz brings experience, knowledge and skills that enhance and hone our clients creative and artistic capabilities.


Our professional lists of expertise incorporates important facets that are imperative to a productive agenda of works and that are within:
- Record Label Pro Services
- Administrative works
- Publishing
- Marketing & Promotions
- Distribution
- Licensing Agreements
- Accounting & Finance
- Bookings
- Public Relations

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We bring to the masses SportsWorld 20:20 a professional sporting forum to conduct brief interview presentations relative to operational, mental, psychological, promotional and financial issues relevant to all sports. An A+ stellar collaborative space; authenticating and supporting all athletes, strengthening the efforts of amateur, elite and professional athletes across the globe

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Assisting the Creatives such as Visual Artists

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