Dr Empress Rose
"Eyette R. Green"

As a Humanitarian Dr Empress Rose is a deeply committed multilingual internationalist whose passionate works emphasizes her dedication to community. As a community advocate she is an active Board Member at the Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS), an agency whose mission provides free legal assistance to many low-income families to assist and secure the most basic necessities of life. GBLS plays a unique role in the social service delivery system and is a preferred agency to which other providers refer clients for legal assistance. Particularly committed to community development whilst deeply engaged in various international initiatives, she has exercised full leadership by initiating and forming creative projects to assist and uplift failing communities.

Born in St. Mary, Jamaica, Dr Empress Rose started practicing the likes of writing Music at a very young age by penning songs within her school text and notebooks. It was evident that she knew great music, as she studied the musical works of such artists as Elton John, Mdara Tuku, Michael Jackson, Lucky Dube, Whitney Houston, Dennis Brown and the King of Reggae Music - Bob Marley.

Her works have afforded her to work within the capacity of some of the top music and entertainment professionals such as: Modeling and Scouting for The Wilhelmina Modeling & Talent Agency, Transcontinental Records, NUSTAR TV & Film Productions, Smart Route Systems of the ABC News Channel, The Agency Group & Clear Channel Communications and One Love International Management, just to name a few.

The ability to possessing an eclectic personality affords her optimal success within other areas, such as Sports. She is also the owner of her own Dare 2 Dream Track & Field club. As a former track & field athlete, Dr Empress Rose created the Dare 2 Dream T&F Club as a project geared to giving back to her community, training and preparing athletes for their National Championships and the Olympics. 

Her passion to assist struggling musicians to thrive in the Music and Entertainment industries led her to initiating her own Global Music News & Entertainment Report podcast radio segment.

As an Entrepreneur, Dr Empress Rose's success and achievement within the sporting and entertainment industries have culminated relationships that have played a viable pivotal role in her profession over the years. Her mission is exemplary by her creation as President of Intl Starz, a professional consultative 360 Creative Management Agency (CMA) servicing Art, Athletics and Music.

About Us

Intl Starz brings experience, knowledge and skills that enhance and hone our clients creative and artistic capabilities. Our aim is to combine a successful integration of works, by incorporating a resourceful staff to aid with everyday related issues.

Our services are an extension of a supportive network of professional businesses. The list of services that we are able to provide are characterized as an extension of grassroot to elite statutes. Our process is to firstly conduct a thorough review of the clients works. With this initial process in place we are able to make a sound determination of the marketing and promotions works to be performed over a period of time. 

A partial list of our services, includes the following:
Social Media
-Auditory review
-Ad campaign 

-Digital campaign
-Media involvement
-Email campaign
-Music Blogs  

-Digital campaign
-Social Media promotion
-Spotify Marketing
-SoundCloud campaign
-Radio campaign 

-Video marketing
-YouTube Channel optimization
-Website setup and design
-Graphic works
-Logo design
-Online branding
-Offline physical projects 

Our main focus is to be able to provide all with the best possible marketing and promotions options, that is a plus for making it in the music & entertainment industries. With our inclusive works, we are able to provide to all, social media review, promotions, marketing, online branding and other organized projects