Guest Speakers

Our BD!G 2020 Conference Guest Speakers

This year's BD!G 2020 Conference theme focuses on the CCI - Cultural Creative Industries. The main industry topics of concentration will be on the Music, Entertainment, Arts & Crafts and Media as well. Guest Speakers will highlight the importance of their Creative Industries, as they are major contributors of the GDP. Guest Speakers will also educate the online audience of how their positions can enhance the growth of the Creative economy beyond the Covid19 pandemic.

Hilary Brown

Hilary Brown is the CEO of Virgo Consultancy Services Ltd, a law firm operating as an Alternative Business Structure (ABS) with offices in South Wales and South London.

As the first black woman in the UK in the early 1990’s she became a manager of more than one Citizen Advice Bureaux when she was appointed manager of Butetown and Grangetown CAB’x in 1993. Both were located in the most culturally diverse areas in Wales, innovation came as second nature to Hilary and she organised the first women’s only waiting room in the CAB Service. Not content with that she also became the Vice Chair of the National CAB Black Workers Group, Chair of CAB Black Women’s Group and Chair of the National Assembly Against Racism.

Hilary is also the current Chair of Butetown Community Centre a community hub in the oldest settled Black community in the UK that has been at the forefront of many high profile cases of Racial and Social injustice. 

She was also one of the two founding members of the National Black Youth Forum in Wales which saw young black people being mentored by Hilary not only to become positive Black Roles models but the young people were encouraged to make their voices heard which culminated in The National Black Youth Charter being presented to Parliament. 

She has earned and retain a reputation as an indomitable fighter for the rights of her clients many of who faced racism and injustice. In 2003 she became accredited by the Law Societies and opened her legal practice Virgo Consultancy Services Ltd, the name is apt . Virgos are notorious for being picky and having an obsession for detail. Hilary is forensic when it comes to the small print, an extremely important quality in the field of law. 

Hilary is proud of the fact that her Law firm was the UK’s first Legal entity to secure a Tier 5 License enabling her to issue work permits for International Artists, Entertainers, sports people and those working within the creative and Sporting Industries. Hilary is a seasoned Campaigner for Human Rights and is a well- known public speaker. With a growing reputation for getting the job done, Ms Brown is often the ‘go to’ person when the voice of the oppressed is being ignored or the search for Justice seems never ending. She has come a long way, has Ms Brown a campaigner for justice and now a passionate professional legal advocate with a long and credible history. 

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